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Ahold Delhaize publishes 2022 Annual Report and issues convocation for 2023 Annual General Meeting of shareholders 3/01/23
Ahold Delhaize announces the nomination of a new member to its Supervisory Board 2/28/23
  Ahold Delhaize - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 2/15/23
Ahold Delhaize delivers increased cost savings, supporting strong Q4 financial results; 2023 outlook reinforces commitment to Leading Together ambitions 2/15/23
Ahold Delhaize announces Johan Boeijenga will step down as Brand President of Super Indo 2/10/23
  Ahold Delhaize - CFO Resigns 1/10/23
Chief Financial Officer Natalie Knight to leave Ahold Delhaize 1/10/23
Ahold Delhaize commences 2023 share buyback program 1/02/23
  Grocery - Quarterly Sales Analysis 12/23/22
  Ahold Delhaize - New Credit Facility 12/19/22
Ahold Delhaize proposes to reappoint Peter Agnefjll as Chair of the Supervisory Board 12/13/22
Ahold Delhaize announces closing of upsized 1.5 billion Sustainability-Linked Revolving Credit Facility 12/12/22
  Ahold Delhaize - CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA to Step Down 11/15/22
Ahold Delhaize announces retirement of Kevin Holt, CEO Ahold Delhaize USA, at the 2023 Shareholder Meeting; JJ Fleeman, President of Peapod Digital Labs, to be nominated as CEO of Ahold Delhaize USA 11/15/22
  Ahold Delhaize - 3Q Ended October 2, 2022 11/14/22
  Ahold Delhaize - Third Quarter Snapshot 11/09/22
Ahold Delhaize reports strong increase in Q3 sales and earnings, as our great local brands' value proposition continues to resonate well with customers 11/09/22
  F&D Dinner Meeting - Ahold, Albertsons, Grocery Outlet, Kroger, SpartanNash, Sprouts 10/25/22
  Grocery - Quarterly Sales Analysis 9/30/22
Ahold Delhaize proposes to reappoint CEO Frans Muller 9/28/22
  Ahold Delhaize - 2Q Ended July 3, 2022 8/24/22
  Ahold Delhaize - Second Quarter Snapshot 8/10/22
Jan Ernst de Groot appointed Chief Sustainability Officer of Ahold Delhaize 8/03/22
  Grocery - Quarterly Sales Analysis 7/01/22
  New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA Metro Area - Hot Market Report 6/27/22
  Ahold Delhaize - 1Q Ended April 3, 2022 5/23/22
  Ahold Delhaize - First Quarter Snapshot 5/11/22
Ahold Delhaize's strong global portfolio delivers growth in Q1 net sales and diluted EPS; 2022 outlook increased 5/11/22
  Food Retail - Executive Review 4/28/22
  Grocery - Quarterly Sales Analysis 4/18/22
  2021 Mergers & Acquisitions - Special Analysis 4/18/22
Ahold Delhaize shareholders adopt 2021 financial statements and approve all agenda items 4/13/22
  Ahold Delhaize - FYE January 2, 2022 3/15/22
Ahold Delhaize issues convocation for 2022 Annual General Meeting of shareholders 3/02/22
  Ahold Delhaize - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 2/16/22
Ahold Delhaize and its local brands spent nearly 1 million euro per day in COVID-19 relief costs in 2021 and supported local communities with charitable donations 2/16/22
Ahold Delhaize commences 2022 share buyback program 1/03/22
  Grocery Quarterly Sales Analysis - Quarterly Sales Analysis 12/29/21
Ahold Delhaize announces that acquires a majority stake in delivery expert Cycloon 12/21/21
  Ahold Delhaize - 3Q Ended October 3, 2021 11/23/21
Ahold Delhaize recommences share buyback to complete its 1 billion program 11/18/21
  Ahold Delhaize - Third Quarter Snapshot 11/10/21
Ahold Delhaize maintains momentum, reporting strong Q3 results and raising guidance on full-year underlying operating margin, earnings and free cash flow 11/10/21
  Grocery Quarterly Sales Analysis - Quarterly Sales Analysis 10/20/21
Ahold Delhaize share buyback update, program to recommence shortly after closed period 10/12/21
Ahold Delhaize announces it is appointing Natalia Wallenberg as new Chief Human Resources Officer 9/30/21
  Supply Chain Constraints: Impact on Inventory, Costs, and Pricing - White Paper 9/21/21
  August Retail Sales - Special Analysis 9/16/21
Ahold Delhaize announces that Albert Heijn completes acquisition of DEEN and starts converting stores 9/13/21
Ahold Delhaize announces changes in the Management Board 9/06/21
  Food Retail - Executive Review 8/26/21
  Ahold Delhaize - 2Q Ended July 4, 2021 8/18/21
  July Retail Sales - Special Analysis 8/17/21
  Ahold Delhaize - Second Quarter Snapshot 8/11/21
  Industry Credit Scoring Report - Grocery 8/06/21
  Grocery - Quarterly Sales Analysis - Quarterly Sales 7/06/21
  Ahold Delhaize - 1Q Ended April 4, 2021 6/14/21
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TTM Sales: €88,834,000 (€ in 000's)
Store Count: 7,636
Address: Zaandam
NOTE: Store count represents U.S. stores only as of January 1, 2023. The Company operates 7,656 stores worldwide, including 2,048 in the U.S. and 5,608 in Europe.
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ICS 08/09/23 2nd Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 11/08/23 3rd Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 02/13/24 Estimated 4th Quarter Earnings Release
ICS 05/15/24 Estimated 1st Quarter Earnings Release
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