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Report Date
  July 2020 - Personal Insights 7/30/20
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - THIS JUST IN - Sears Stores Temporarily Close / Kmart Remains Open 4/04/20
  Retailers Most At Risk - Special Analysis 3/23/20
  Costco Wholesale Corporation - Key Logistics Acquisition 3/17/20
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - New Financing 2/20/20
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - DieHard Brand Being Acquired by Advance Auto Parts 12/23/19
  December 2019 - Personal Insights 12/20/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Auction Delayed 12/05/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Auction of Trademarks 11/25/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Additional Debt Funding / Plans to Close More Stores 11/07/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Transform Holdco Closes Acquisition of Sears Hometown / Enters into New Revolving Credit Facility 10/29/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Considering Asset Sales 10/25/19
  Sears Hometown Stores, Inc. - Completes Sale of the Outlet Business 10/23/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Additional Borrowing to Fund Operations 10/18/19
  Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. - Notification of Late Filing of Form 10-Q by Sears Hometown & Outlet 9/18/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - To Close an Additional 100 Stores 9/02/19
  Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. - Agreement to Sell Sears Hometown's Outlet Business to Liberty Tax 8/27/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Transform Holdco (AKA New Sears) To Close 26 Stores 8/07/19
  July 2019 - Personal Insights 7/11/19
  Sears Hometown and Outlet Stores, Inc. / Transform Holdco LLC (aka New Sears) - To be Acquired by Transform Holdco 6/03/19
  Transform Holdco LLC (a/k/a New Sears) - Refinances Transitional Debt 4/22/19
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