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Rite Aid Responds to Notice of Non-Compliance with NYSE Trading Share Price Listing Standard Rules 1/04/19
  Rite Aid Corporation - May Conduct Reverse Stock Split 1/04/19
Rite Aid Successfully Completes Refinancing of Its Revolving Credit Facility 12/20/18
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2019 Third Quarter Results 12/19/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Strategic Sales Insights 12/19/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Third Quarter Snapshot 12/19/18
Justin Mennen Named Rite Aid Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer 12/18/18
Rite Aid to Release Third Quarter Results on December 19 12/11/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - 2Q Ended September 1, 2018 11/13/18
  F&D Dinner Meeting - United Natural Foods / Supervalu, BJ’s Wholesale Club, US Foods, The Fresh Market, Sears Holdings, DIP/Kmart, Rite Aid, Southeastern Grocers, Tops DIP, Fred’s 11/13/18
Rite Aid Announces Preliminary Results of Voting at 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders 10/30/18
Rite Aid Applauds New Law Signed by President Trump to Help Fight Opioid Abuse 10/24/18
  Top 30 Retail Drug Rankings - Special Analysis 10/19/18
Rite Aid Offering Free Advisor Tool to Help Medicare Beneficiaries Choose Prescription Drug Coverage for 2019 10/16/18
Teamsters Challenge Executive Pay-For-Failure At Rite Aid Following Albertsons Debacle 10/05/18
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2019 Second Quarter Results 9/27/18
Rite Aid Announces Board and Governance Changes 9/27/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Second Quarter Snapshot 9/27/18
Rite Aid to Release Second Quarter Results on September 27 9/19/18
  Personal Insights - September 2018 9/14/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Special Analysis 8/10/18
  2017/2018 Mergers & Acquisitions - Special Analysis 8/09/18
Rite Aid and Albertsons Companies Mutually Agree to Terminate Merger Agreement 8/08/18
  Albertsons / Rite Aid - Albertsons & Rite Aid Terminate Merger Agreement 8/08/18
Rite Aid Updates Fiscal 2019 Outlook 8/06/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - 1Q Ended June 2, 2018 7/26/18
  Drug Retailers - Executive Review 7/26/18
Rite Aid Sends Letter to Shareholders Outlining Key Reasons Proposed Merger with Albertsons is in the Best Interest of Its Shareholders 7/24/18
Rite Aid Sends Letter to Shareholders 7/10/18
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2019 First Quarter Results 6/27/18
Highfields Capital Intends to Vote Against Rite Aid Corporation's Proposed Merger with Albertsons Companies, Inc. 6/27/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - First Quarter Snapshot 6/27/18
Rite Aid Announces Effectiveness of Definitive Proxy Materials in Connection with Proposed Merger with Albertsons 6/26/18
  Private Equity Review - White Paper 6/26/18
Rite Aid Schedules Special Stockholder Meeting for August 9, 2018 to Vote on the Proposed Merger with Albertsons 6/21/18
Rite Aid to Release First Quarter Results on June 27 6/18/18
Rite Aid Announces Intent to Redeem all of its Outstanding 6.75% Senior Notes Due 2021 5/25/18
  F&D Dinner Meeting - Albertsons, Rite Aid, Southeastern Grocers, Tops, Sears/Kmart, Fred’s, PetSmart, Petco, The Fresh/Natural/Organic grocery space, 99 Cents Only Stores, Supervalu 5/16/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Fiscal Year Ended March 3, 2018 5/11/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - $700.0 Million Tender Offer 4/19/18
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2018 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results 4/12/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 4/12/18
Rite Aid to Release Fourth Quarter Results on April 12 4/02/18
Rite Aid reports on purchase offer of certain outstanding senior notes 4/02/18
Rite Aid Announces Results of Offer to Purchase Certain of its Outstanding Series of Notes 3/30/18
Rite Aid Announces Expiration of Hart-Scott-Rodino Waiting Period for Merger with Albertsons Companies 3/29/18
Rite Aid Completes Transfer of Stores to Walgreens Boots Alliance and Terminates Tax Benefits Preservation Plan 3/28/18
Rite Aid Announces Intent to Redeem All of Its Outstanding 9.25% Senior Notes Due 2020 3/13/18
Rite Aid Announces Continued Progress in Sale of Assets to Walgreens Boots Alliance 3/05/18
Rite Aid Commences Offer to Purchase Certain of its Outstanding Series of Notes 2/27/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Tender Offer for $900.0 Million in Notes 2/27/18
F&D Reports / Creditntell Release Operational Expectations of Albertsons Rite Aid Merger Announcement 2/22/18
Albertsons Companies and Rite Aid Merge to Create Food, Health, and Wellness Leader 2/20/18
  Albertsons Companies, LLC / Rite Aid Corporation - Albertsons / Rite Aid - Announce Merger Agreement 2/20/18
  Albertsons Companies, LLC / Rite Aid Corporation - Merger Update 2/20/18
Rite Aid Announces Continued Progress in Sale of Assets to Walgreens Boots Alliance 2/08/18
Rite Aid Provides Update on Sale of Assets to Walgreens Boots Alliance 1/22/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Third Quarter Ended December 2, 2017 1/19/18
Rite Aid Adopts Tax Benefits Preservation Plan to Protect Valuable Tax Assets 1/03/18
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2018 Third Quarter Results 1/03/18
  Drug Retailers - Executive Review 1/03/18
  Rite Aid Corporation - Third Quarter Snapshot 1/03/18
  Personal Insights - Personal Insights 12/14/17
Rite Aid to Release Third Quarter Results on Jan. 3 12/13/17
Rite Aid Announces First Closings of Asset Sale to Walgreens Boots Alliance 11/27/17
Rite Aid Announces Senior Management Changes in Category Management 11/17/17
  F&D Dinner Meeting - Albertsons, Southeastern Grocers, Tops, Supervalu, Rite Aid, Fred’s, Shopko 11/14/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - Second Quarter Ended September 2, 2017 10/30/17
Rite Aids Medicare Advisor Tool Returns to Help Medicare Beneficiaries Select Prescription Drug Coverage for 2018 10/18/17
Kermit Crawford Joins Rite Aid as President and Chief Operating Officer of Rite Aid Corporation 9/28/17
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Results 9/28/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - Second Quarter Snapshot 9/28/17
Rite Aid Secures Regulatory Clearance to Sell 1,932 Stores and Related Assets for $4.375 Billion to Walgreens Boots Alliance Under Amended and Restated Agreement 9/19/17
Walgreens Boots Alliance Secures Regulatory Clearance for Purchase of Stores and Related Assets from Rite Aid 9/19/17
  Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc./Rite Aid Corporation - Regulators Approve Walgreens Boots Alliance Amended Rite Aid Store Purchase 9/19/17
Rite Aid to Release Second Quarter Results on Sept. 28 9/11/17
  Rite Aid Corporation/GNC Holdings, Inc. - Rite Aid - Martindale Resigns / Appointed CEO of GNC 9/06/17
  Drug Retailers - Executive Review 7/27/17
  July 2017 - Personal Insights 7/24/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - First Quarter Ended June 3, 2017 7/19/17
Rite Aid Investor Call Information 6/29/17
Freds Pharmacy Comments on Termination of Walgreens-Rite Aid Merger and Related Agreement with Freds 6/29/17
Rite Aid Enters into an Agreement with Walgreens Boots Alliance to Sell 2,186 Rite Aid Stores and Related Assets for $5.175 Billion 6/29/17
  Rite Aid / Walgreens - Walgreens Asset Purchase Agreement Update 6/29/17
  Rite Aid / Fred's / Walgreens Boots - Rite Aid Enters New Agreement to Sell 2,186 Stores to Walgreens 6/29/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - First Quarter Snapshot 6/29/17
  Fred's, Inc. - Amends Rite Aid Financing 6/12/17
  Rite Aid / Fred's / Walgreens Boots - Rite Aid - FTC Preparing to Block Walgreens Merger 6/09/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - Fiscal Year Ended March 4, 2017 5/26/17
  F&D Dinner Meeting - Walgreens/Rite Aid/Fred’s, Lidl, Sears/Kmart, 99 Cents Only, Supervalu/Unified Grocers 5/09/17
  2016/2017 Mergers & Acquisitions - Special Analysis 5/03/17
Rite Aid Reports Fiscal 2017 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results 4/25/17
  Rite Aid Corporation - Fourth Quarter Snapshot 4/25/17
  March 2017 - Personal Insights 3/22/17
  F&D Dinner Meeting - SUPERVALU, Save-A-Lot, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Fred's, Us Foods, Unified Grocers,Sears 2/14/17
  Drug Retailers - Executive Review 2/06/17
Walgreens Boots Alliance and Rite Aid Enter into Amendment and Extension to Merger Agreement 1/30/17
  Walgreens - Amends Rite Aid Merger Agreement 1/30/17
  Walgreens/Rite Aid - Walgreens - FTC May Block Rite Aid Acquisition 1/20/17
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